As soon as I could, I began reading my way through the Children’s Room shelves at our local library in St. Louis, Missouri. I halfway felt that I lived in the worlds created by Hugh Lofting in his Dr. Doolittle books, and by Mary Norton in The Borrowers. I loved comic books, too, and Mad Magazine. When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said, “A reader.”

A Young Kate McMullan

Kate McMullan reading to her young daughter

After college and graduate school, I taught fourth grade in a inner-city Los Angeles school and on an American Air Force base in Germany. I read to my students every day after lunch, and in time, started to wonder if I could write books for kids. I tried, but after a day of teaching, I had very little energy left for writing, so I moved to New York City, where I’d heard that writers lived, and took a job in publishing, which was much less tiring than teaching.

James McMullan, Illustrator



Kate McMullan, author

I edited by day and wrote by night. Well, not every night. Some nights I went out on the town with Jim McMullan, a wonderful illustrator. On our first date, he looked through my book shelves and pulled out three books with Jim McMullan covers. I was hooked. In 1979, we were married.

I kept reading. When our daughter was born, I read to her endlessly. One hot summer in Sag Harbor, we kept cool curled up on an old couch on the porch with Laura Ingalls Wilder’s The Long Winter.

And I kept writing. After a decade of my badgering him, Jim finally agreed to illustrate one of my stories. We found that we loved collaborating. Our book, I STINK!, is a monologue by a garbage truck. I’m happy to report that, among other awards, our trashy book was a New York Times Best Illustrated Book of 2002, and a Boston Globe Horn Book Honor Book.

We followed I STINK! with

· I’M MIGHTY!, the tale of a small but mighty tugboat,
· I’M DIRTY!, about a backhoe loader,
· I’M BAD!, a T-Rex tell-all,
· I’M BIG!, a day in the life of a monster 80-ton Sauropod,
· I’M FAST!, the story of a race between a fully-loaded freight-train and a speedy red car,
· I’M BRAVE!, a fire-engine tale
· I’M COOL!, starring an ice-cleaning Zamboni machine.

Next up? A book about a big yellow school bus: I’M SMART

Kids always ask me how many books I’ve written. I think it’s about one hundred now, which is surprising for someone who set out to be a reader.

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Library Media Connection.

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