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Amazing Adventures of Supercat

Bulldog’s Big Day

Dinosaur Hunters

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Dragon Slayers Academy Series (20 books)
Dragon Slayer’s Academy, Trivia Quiz

Fluffy, the Classroom Guinea Pig (23 books)

If You Were My Bunny

I Stink
I Stink Activity Page
I Stink Board Book
I Stink Video Trailer

The Stinky and Dirty Show! on Amazon
The Stinky and Dirty Show! Theme Song Video

I'm Bad

I'm Big
I’m Big Video Trailer

I'm Brave
I’m Brave Video Trailer

I'm Cool

I'm Dirty
I'm Dirty Board Book

I’m Dirty Activity Pages
I’m Dirty Video Trailer

I'm Fast
I’m Fast Video Trailer

I'm Mighty
I’m Mighty Activity Page

I’m Smart

Kate McMullan, Inspiration
Kate McMullan, Meet Kate
Kate McMullan, School Visits

Mama's Kisses

Mummy’s Gold

Myth-O-Mania Series (10 books)
Myth-o-Mania Video

Pearl and Wagner Series (5 books)
Pearl and Wagner: Two Good Friends Book Club

Phantom of the Opera



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