menu of presentations


For the assemblies, I travel with only a USB drive, so I'll need a laptop or computer set up with Microsoft Power Point, a projector, a large screen, and a microphone, preferably cordless so that I can walk around. If there’s a remote with a laser pointer, all the better.


Each assembly features one or two of the following Power Point presentations:


Kate McMullan I StinkTHE I STINK! SHOW:

“Behind the Garbage Bags” shows how Jim and I researched and created our award-winning picture book, I STINK! At the end of the show, I read I STINK! and ask kids to chime in on the Garbage Alphabet. I also give a sneak preview of our work-in-progress starring a Zamboni, I'M COOL!


Kate McMullan's I'm BadTHE I’M BAD SHOW:

Jim’s work-in-progress for the book jacket is the basis for much of this presentation, featuring cover sketches that never made it onto the cover of a book. Kids seem to enjoy discovering that grown-ups don’t always get things right the first time either.


Kate McMullan's FluffyTHE FLUFFY SHOW:

This show features FLUFFY, THE CLASSROOM GUINEA PIG and tells how this character was informed by my own childhood guinea pigs, George and ZaaZaa. I encourage kids to write about their own pets and experiences. I finish by asking teachers to select kids to come up and read stories from the screen with me, taking the parts of Fluffy, Kiss, Duke, and Lucky Sue. Readers and listeners alike always seem to enjoy this participation.


Kate mcMullan's Pearl and WagnerTHE PEARL AND WAGNER SHOW:

Meet Pearl, a bossy bunny, and her bff, Wagner, a mouse with lots of idea, but not so much follow-through. I talk about how these characters and situations were inspired by my own grade-school days, and encourage kids to write about their grade school adventures.



Kate McMullan Dragon Slayers' AcademyTHE DRAGON SLAYERS' ACADEMY & SCHOOL! SHOWS

This show stars Wiglaf, his quirky pals, and their even quirkier teachers from the DRAGON SLAYERS' ACADEMY. I use this school setting to explore various aspects of writing: where ideas come from, how characters are developed, what makes an exciting story, using sensory language, and humor. At the end of this show, I have a short ‘punny’ presentation featuring the book SCHOOL: ADVENTURES AT HARVEY N. TROUBLE ELEMENTARY.


Kate McMullan Myth-O-ManiaTHE MYTH-O-MANIA SHOW

This show explores the Greek Myths, slightly twisted by Hades, Ruler of the Underworld and not-all-that-reliable narrator of the MYTH-O-MANIA series. Kids will learn how Zeus really became Ruler of the Universe, how Persephone hitched a ride to the Underworld on the back of Hades' chariot, that Medusa wasn't always a Gorgon with snakes for hair, that Hercules had a bad temper, that Theseus was the world's most forgetful hero, that Helen didn’t start the Trojan War, and that Odysseus was a big liar.


I will work with you to plan the best visit possible for your students. If you have a pre-k or a special needs classes, I’m always happy to stop by a read one of my picture books so that they will be included in the school visit.