Since I write picture books, beginning readers, and chapter books, I'm able to talk to a wide range of age groups. I usually have 3 large-group assemblies during a school day: a 45-minute presentation for K - 1, and 55-minute presentations for grades 2 - 3, and 4 - 5/6.


The more familiar your students are with my books, the more they will get out of the author visit. Often, a teacher or librarian will read a particular book aloud to a class or a grade level, which provides a common experience for the students. You can find book-related activities on my website by clicking here.


Honorarium and Expenses


My honorarium for spending the day at your school, doing three presentations and signing books is $2,000, which includes transportation expenses for day trips. If you need a fourth assembly, my fee for the day is $2,200. It works best if you can give me the check for the total amount of the visit when I arrive at your school.

About the Author

I’ve taught 4th and 6th grades, and have written over one-hundred books for children. Each Spring I enjoy visiting schools and giving presentations that explore how stories spring from many sources, and helping young writers tune in to their own potential story ideas.


Jim and I live on the 16th floor of a New York City apartment building overlooking Central Park. We find inspiration in the sights and sounds and smells — think I STINK! — of this city every day.