authors for earth day

Right now I’m scheduling a limited number of school visits to celebrate EARTH DAY 2018!




Under the auspices of Authors for Earth Day, I will donate part or all of my honorarium for the day to a non-profit conservation organization, such as The Wildlife Conservation Society or Blue Ocean Institute. I’ll send the information on the organizations ahead of the visit. Kids can do age-appropriate research on them and then on the day of the visit, Authors for Earth Day will provide ballots and kids can vote on which charity should receive the donation. As Authors for Earth Day says, "Most kids have never had a voice in the world, so it's quite amazing to empower a whole school in this special way!”


The visit will be structured as usual with three assemblies for the day. You can read more details about it right here [browse presentations]. I look forward to working with parents, teachers or librarians to add Earth Day 2018 activities and making it the best day possible.