Some Final Pages


When Jim finishes all the art for a book, he sends it in to our publisher. The next step is working with the editor and designer on type. We see how the type looks on computer, and when it seems right, the publisher sends us samples of how the printed pages will look. It's very different looking at an image on the computer and on a printed page. We make comments on the pages and send them back to our editor and the designer. Usually we go back and forth three or four times before we're all satisfied with the way it looks. When everyone signs off on the project, the art is sent to the printer, which means our freight train is off to China!

We're back in the manual age as we check the color and type in the latest set of galleys. Pump up the magenta, less black here, can we make the red brighter?
I love Jim's cows!

Some Final Pages
Interact with Kate
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